After graduating from the New York Film Academy in 2008, TONI was determined to polish her skills as a Producer, Writer and Director. She started Directing music videos which led to her first short film that helped her come full circle to now having a commercial and TV pilot in her portfolio. Her ambition has been relentless as she feels there is nothing she can't do. Balancing a 40 hour work week with running her own business has helped sharpen her leadership skills and keep her supremely focused on her ultimate goals. Her raw talent for storytelling keeps her ahead of the game. Flexible in all genres, TONI is the next generations storyteller. One who can take a sentence and make it a story. 



TONI has a different style and approach to each project. Mixing old school fundamentals with new school flavor. Storytelling is always her number one focus because as she says "Without it, we have nothing." She also has a deep desire to push the bounds of her images. Yearning to be in the world of animation, TONI knows that her talents aren't one demintional. As a professional TONI has learned that with any success, there must be a great team that surrounds it. Always seeking to work with a crew of like minds who are focused on being great at their respected crafts. TONI is a one of a kind talent and she's ready to take the last shot for the WIN! 


The Next Level

TONI is currently promoting her Independently Produced Short Film OCEAN GROWN PT. 1 which is the follow up to her debut Short Film THE EDUCATION OF ELLIS. Her relentless work ethic for creating content from Short Films to Music Videos has helped her build a strong portfolio while experiencing the grind of production. The independent journey has taught her the ropes, but she knows now is the time to take her career to the big league. TONI is currently in the market for an Agency or Representative for her talents. 

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